Ray-Ban sunglasses is a real rock with a fake How can you but it can be seen
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1, mirror box. The mirror box of Ray-Ban sunglasses of genuine, a good workmanship, cortex is relatively thick, the inside of the mirror box is covered in flannel all. There is a word that Romania "MADEINROMANIA" in the box. Mirror box of Ray-Ban sunglasses to imitate is made Te man-made plastic. You can not feel the texture. There is two layers, there is a layer of pure hard plastic, the work also props pen of the mirror box, cortex of the mirror box like wrap of flannel is a hard plastic. Is not wrapped in flannel.

2, lens cloth of sunglasses Ray-Ban cross, genuine are silver lens cloth, but red RAYBAN Logo nest shorter than Seitz of cloth in general. Blue, yellow is the lens cloth Ray-Ban sunglasses to mimic. There is a word blue RAYBAN.

3, the lens, whether it is a real product, for me, it is possible to distinction is almost difficult. Imitation also on the edge of the lens of the fake word also RB word is because you carved. However, Preface to the place near the edge of the lens more, there mark white slender more "RAYBAN" is a real lens. In addition to the no doubt.

4, there is a 5814 word Doreiban the frame nose package. Ray-Ban sunglasses words of real, tomorrow is located in the lower side. To express him is hard. Located at the surface above the fake. You can see at a glance. And, lettering real is very thin. Lens has one size 58 mm 2 and 55.

5, in the portion of the ear care of transparent plastic, the care of the ear of the frame, the metal genuine, imitation Ray-Ban sunglasses are a little out fill the part of the care package of plastic ear on the right side, It does not fill the sky.

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