Star Trek: Star Trek costumes - Resistance harder than it looks!
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Star Trek: TNG will have a great impact on the future of the "Star Trek" episode, as Q Who, "who scored a popular third aspect of Q, played by John ยท Lancie episode also introduced the" Star Trek " The worst villain - Borg

Borg series is designed to provide a deadly rivals, who can not rationally or defeated. Budget constraints continue to be portrayed as insecto Borg's? Originally envisaged, although the concept of cellular survival. Although they appear in the entire series, only five sets, the first contact with the Borg in "Star Trek" on the big screen leap.

Borg costume design for the first time raised the residents clothing Durinda rice timber TNG challenge. These half-human, half-machine creatures should look like what the audience has never seen, "They told me it would be the new villain of the universe, they give us a little more time, I think we have two weeks, while not a week "HR Giger, star trek costumes the most famous movie Alien was inspired by the original design.

Wood explains how it managed to face the Borg and the rest of the body. "I want to melt into the clothing, but they have to face a bright white trick is that we can not do that within a week, we can not do - within three weeks we will be able to do something that the world has never seen before, you need time to develop and invent "
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