Star Trek costume goes to Star Wars
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Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness costume designer Michael Kaplan has revealed that he will be the costume designer of Star Wars Episode VII. Becoming Star Wars costume designer John Mollo joined Kaplan (IV, V), Aggie Guerard Rodgers (VI), Nilo Rodis-Jamero (VI) .
In an interview with Buzzfeed, Kaplan said:

"Well, I've learned that I work on the new Star Wars movie, again with JJ Everything comes to formalize [last week], I have not had the chance to talk to anyone other than the ore be selected Welcome aboard. This is a little too tt to know exactly what's in store, but I am absolutely, on a number of other well-known work of science fiction. " Some other

z Select Kaplan Blade Runner (Harrison Ford), Pearl Harbor, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (written by Simon Kinberg) and mission:. Impossible - Fant me (produced by JJ Abrams) The approach

Kaplan Star Trek could be shedding some light on the way S VII episode we meet him In his interview BuzzFeed, Kaplan said:

I based a lot of costumes on the original TV series star trek costumes , I wanted the costumes of the film are set in iconic pieces that show no sequelae, only the original race .. And I decided on the key elements cling to [Design-wise], details that were for me Trekkian star futuristic as opposed to the presentation of any kind. "

Hei t that mean we get one Similar look to the original trilogy This is not the first time that such an idea was born. Mark Hamill already said he wanted to look for new movies Let's go back. "

What do you think Kaplan is the costume designer Did you like the costumes of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness Sound off below!
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