Star Trek / Into Darkness
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Sometimes it is just after I saw the "1", or partly because I got to sit in the seat, besides you want to sit, and ~ may have become hooked from "Iron Man 3"

Look over this, but there is a "Star Trek" debut,,,It's so interesting what What is "Star Trek"Squeeze sweat to nail-biting the hand from the beginning again
And such mind-bending is not studded with various scenes
It was allowed to wince many times over even see through (you jump to mind what). . . Timid person.

But more than anything but see the votes were drawn to this movie, the character of crew of USS enter price no matter how you look at it Character as it is of "1" I saw the morning in his reappointment also "2" Everyone, this is our character are you soup taste good everyone is individual and each (people who saw the "1" I think you know)Cool spark of course at any time at any time, really like glitter-supporting player team and Sukkoti and Chekosu also Omoshiroku tsuAliens that are stuck to Scotty always've got ugly as nasty, but ~ Nihihi of cuteIt became so hooked softened in like looking at anime Days to be "Trekkie" is near.

It is absolutely impossible look over so would drunk, but be not that I felt tamely myself to come transmitted and acutely from 2D it be really wonder enjoy BIKEIT you were 3D, would drunk this much. . . (Although it is exaggerated 's)

I have I thought I have to go cinema from seeing if enjoy so a "2" by just before I saw the "1" series is the old always from the next time, or the "2" is simple We are also or i thought how interesting to Truly.By the way reputation of those who have seen "Iron Man 3" movie is like Yoku~tsu, reaction of critics seem was pretty good.I went from seeing the "1" look over, but I think the story was not necessarily linked separately.

Is no relationship at all to the story, star trek costumes but the enchanted voice of John Harrison role is bitterlyThe voice from the face that can not be imagined (do whatever), it was good to voice role too, but (it will not be there unwillingly) dubbed surely somewhat.
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