Stranger and sexy costumes of the original Star Trek
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Star Trek expands our vision for the future of many fa ons - but more importantly, the original Star Trek took us to the last frontier of fashion. And beyond. Some of the costumes that people wore at the time of William Shatner remain classics today - and some of them are just ... I know it yet.

Our roundup of strange modes and flat original Star Trek. We are not so terrible, because it is a matter of special effects cheap about picking up alien. Instead, the bikini, uniforms, equipment and training is strange Kirk. "The Cage" - check amazing costume Trader Orion Pike of the fantasy sequence "Orion Slave Girl". What is this necklace Also note: also at Playa k could be the shirt light Raver, the Pike. Orion Slaver Pike knows how to display the bling.

"What Are Little Girls Made Of" — Amazing commitment to the blue-and-snot-green scheme. You can tell seniority here by who has the most ridiculous version of this outfit. Andrea has just the straps cris-crossing and barely covering her chest. Dr. Brown gets a similar thing, but he gets to wear a black tunic underneath. And Dr. Korby practically has a normal outfit.

Business colleague Ant Orion Pike. star trek costumes Look at the dotted green and red tie. Zwidng! In addition, the real M Girl of green slave. What about her outfit It's like pieces of gold mesh and straps LOAD Totally here and there. Probably prevent color green kitchen designed body rubs.
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