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The Chronicle Review, Camille Paglia stirred some T Heads a while back that George Lucas was the biggest appliances artists of our time. It is not surprising that the average appreciator will have a hard time with this statement, a real walk-in closet worth of reasons. But I found my way through his argument in many places enthusiastic, especially where there is the fine Hligen influences George Lucas and the fact that it is a visual artist in the first place.

That's when I decided to watch is the Star Wars prequels with the sound off.

Love or hate the Star Wars prequels are undoubtedly the place of the name Lucas worthy of derision for more than a decade was now. Even if you Vorg are an apologist for the singer, there are some elements of these three films, just not with sunlight can gez Be selected, the dialog is unfortunately banal and repetitive, the storyline of the entire trilogy is inconsistent after 30 minutes Episode I, and strange pieces retcon Lucas has since the original Star Wars movies can kill wrinkles gl most fans recorded at a loss.

Again, star trek costumes the dialogue of the first Star Wars trilogy is anything but poetry. The plots are easier to understand, but again, the arc of the film is much easier to handle than all explored in the prequels: boy you want Conna father be "dead", gets the chance to learn Trade from his father, joins the rebellion to overthrow the tyranny father is discovered between the number of the Beast is his sister, father buys, restores the balance of the galaxy. It's pretty Greek to me ... and I mean it looks like a Greek comedy the. Or maybe a Shakespeare. Or a piece of Japanese theater.
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