It appointed a costume representative of "Star Trek" J · J · Abrams, the "Star Wars"!
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I was appointed: "Episode 7 Star Wars" even (original title) Michael Kaplan J · J · Abrams has been dealt with costume charge of their own in the "Star Trek" series. This time, Abrams was appointed as a costume designer of "episode 7" the Michael've been teamed up in 2 works past in the series including latest film will be released in August the "Star Trek Into Darkness" in Japan. It is said, "I'm excited with what can participate in the" Star Wars ".'m Looking forward to be working together again with J · J" close-on-film movie site Michael is about it.

Abrams has joined as a producer: Michael, who was in charge the clothes of "Mission Impossible / Ghost protocol" consists in making the costume of characters have the most famous Hollywood film history Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia .

In the past, such Michael has been working as a costume designer, regardless of genre of the movie "Flashdance," "Pearl Harbor," "Fight Club" and "Seven", the classic SF work of 1982 "Blade sometimes you have studied with Charles nod of costume designer runner ". Also, for example, to renew the costume crew of enterprise issue, including the Captain Kirk of 2009 in "Star Trek", star trek costumes and has been successful in planning reboot.
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