First TV series is
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First TV series is "Star Trek"! Let's talk about the miracle of Uhura

23 century when. Including Mr. Spock who Vulcan, earthlings of 23 century has developed a faster-than-light navigation technology, is that had formed the Federation race and some view of the world depicting the "Star Trek". That's why I started the (Cato) Hikaru Sulu played by George Takei, a variety of ethnic groups often appears on a character. By the way, Uhura Did I am called by the name "back" in the dubbed version of the time.Racism Me Not impossible, but I exist. Work showed me to realize, one of the dreams of SF such .... I believe the future of discrimination disappears one day was SF TV series called "Star Trek".

Without poverty the earth already, without a war of a kind figure of the earth to draw ....... the "TOS" was the "ideal world". A large space age you are building up to the federal system with extraterrestrial intelligent life already, puny earthlings of racism between Nante, only to be ridiculous.

But are the days when aired, reality of America in the 1960s. Unlike the space age in the cathode-ray tube, the American Society of fact, deep-rooted prejudice I had been alive.In this era, and Uhura as black communication officer of the USS Enterprise issue, who played the dashing. What, even African-American people were regular entered as main character of the television drama, Nichelle Nichols Mr. I was the first time.

To speak by the presence of such Uhura, or given how much courage minority at the time, there is no shortage.

For example, a leader of the civil rights movement by African-American, at the same time was a fan of "TOS", Martin Luther King Jr. who is also a Nobel Peace Prize winner of 1964, "Uhura is black himself I said, "is a goal for children. Also, on board the space shuttle for the first time as a black woman, Mae Jamison astronauts traveled to star trek costumes outer space is also one of the people who aspired universe watching on TV activities of Uhura.

By the way, Episode 24 of 6 "Star Trek (TNG)" season TV series His second film, the episode of "William Riker another", Mr. Jamison, play up appearance in Palmer Ensign role.In addition, Whoopi Goldberg, who TV series His second film in the "Star Trek", had appeared female bartender El Orlean star system tribe as "Guinan" also, have aspired actress to watch on TV Uhura You.
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