His Royal Highness Prince RPG custom clothing song
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His Royal Highness Prince RPG custom clothing song

Princess Di GI remember watching from the star. His real name is chocolate. Accidents are known. First appeared in July 1998 [6]. No name as the name and decided in August 1998 when the next [6]. And "El Nino" speech at the end of a word. Tail hat white (which is also a fact that his team say "Nya" radio CD version). In the shallow green hair, I put the Royal left or right (sign) bell hair accessories. For this outcome, "the first phase of the setting is the" I "- is, but it became" El Nino "on the keyboard stroke - the type of error, it has been fixed," There is a rumor among fans, however, even acknowledge the existence of this rumor, has formally rejected the grounds of personal computers when not in use to create the name of the production side.

One theory two "to get rid of the attack simulation charAt Di GI Star Star" and "For a great actress", which aims to Earth, but in fact, whether it is the official setting, depending on the job. In the "beam" from the eye, a good technique is broccoli favorite food. Instead careless cheeky personality, cunning, is the first charm and appearance. (It is sometimes used as the back of a group of "blatant" in the original book, etc.) is "huge" was originally a group. We look forward to your stay at the Lucky Cat shopping street in the "El Nino", but most of the settings aiming actress players in Akihabara. I am "~ fantasy" memory loss. Ran to Comiket in winter and summer, scooping up a book phosphorus IO. It is the problem, as well as I am familiar with the industry, in recent years, drawing doujinshi. By the way, trying to present a "dangerous doujinshi", which is in the story and Minataku the Murataku, has condemned Gemma wonderful anime episode 7.

Never contradictory to each connection has been mentioned, うたのプリンスさま コスプレ衣装 if there is a pattern portion (pupil green) at first, which is the same, but a different person clear (red eye) has the second accident de. Generation has become a development that its form that is responsible for the players, if you are self-carat star, but left his brother brothers players from the first to the second generation.
Second-generation identity "Burokkodesu of the"
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