Interview Yingtze actor own clothing
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Interview Yingtze actor own clothing

I started to decline in 2005 Cosplay! I would say so, I was seriously cosplay about 1 year.

1. Other hobbies or passions, in addition to a set of r The
In my free time (outside cosplay costume), I also like to read comics watch anime too! Currently, I'm addicted to Uta no Prince-Sama and AS Blue Exorcist ~ I love Blog! In addition to blog, I want to play games.

2. Do you go to a local convention And ALSO for international yes ah! After attending the local convention I like! It's really interesting to meet people with the same passion for the table that you do .. ALSO and other friends along the way.

3. most plays their own costumes, うたのプリンスさま コスプレ衣装 are you yes, I make my own costumes. In the past, my committee tailor to make my clothes, but it is very expensive. My aunt taught me writing the base model and ALSO how to use a sewing machine. I bought a lot of learning through books sewing. Since I make my own costumes. I love my shopping apparel fabrics writing and vice versa. I feel good when I look at a complete costume, I always wanted to cosplay.
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