Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode Six
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Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode Six

I swear, the more this season goes on, the more I realize attractive characters who hide among the weeds. Before that, Psycho just Glasses not interest me at all, but when it goes into dark, open shirt fashion incubator.

Anyway, last week I made my post entirely tongue-in-cheek, but it occurred to me later that, well, kind of demands that people are actually watching the show you blogging for this kind of thing to work. So I'm back to the same old, which is certainly less time anyhow. I really could've dug in and had fun with the spinning of the episode in the opposite direction of what it really was, but hey, I'm lazy, and this sort of approach requires the does not break with it at any time, and I have other things I want to say.

got dumber as the show went on, うたのプリンスさま コスプレ衣装 which is a shame. It was just perfect as a hero Do to begin with, but it was somehow still ahead of many heroic ing we get in these kinds of shows. So it is too bad to see her being such a jerk in this episode, and have strengthened in the text by the other characters expressing concerns about his being unable to navigate idiocy - particularly irritating when one of them Genki was the red idiot.

In this episode, we learned that Psycho glasses is another cast member dealing with a mental disorder. In this case, it is a dissociative identity disorder, better known colloquially as multiple personality disorder. Off his glasses, and he became Cranky no glasses. However, no glasses Cranky gives us a much better musical performance than anyone has so far, and I doubt Psycho glasses have given us something beyond something stupid on fluffy duckies.
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