Relative color matching COSPLAY costume design and color match between
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Relative color matching COSPLAY costume design and color match between

Relative color matching, first. This method is used to color the circle is higher than 180 in this way have a strong primary and secondary sensory and a variable changes the meaning.

Advancing color, second. If the color circle high 90 can use these colors together, giving a warm, harmonious feeling. This is the Lolita fashion design most commonly used method.

Contrasting colors, and the third. Circle color is up to 120-180 can be displayed once lively shiny Thailand. Similar color matching, first. This method is different by different reflection same color.

Matching color process design cospali major consideration. Although the strong reaction of people of color, there are many animation design considerations. Them. うたのプリンスさま コスプレ衣装 The emotion of color is different so need to have all the elements, such as different age, characteristics, cultivation, cosplai costume design process to consider the interests and temperament. Meanwhile, the different social, political, economic, artistic, conservative and habits, people would have considered it a different color emotional response. This means that the color design should be targeted positioning designs.

Match the color similarity, many methods Color matching, improved color matching, contrast color, contrast color matching is the most common method.
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