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Repairing an animation shop like the same Meng Hall, now cosplai is popular. Is suitable for the psychological needs of consumers. Hall mainly engaged in animation around with Meng sale, the animation cosplai costumes leasing and customized service, DIY personalized production. With Meng Hall is a new era of animation births, with Meng Hall is a set cosplai-in-one animation shop. Comply with the development trend of animation exists on the first day will be ushered in more than 5,000 animation enthusiasts. Exquisite animation around, brilliant stage show, cartoon characters parade, very popular board games ... Beijing-Tianjin region's largest Comic Con yesterday in the Binhai International Convention アニメコスプレ衣装 and Exhibition Center opened. The event attracted hundreds of animation community in the Beijing-Tianjin region, manufacturers, exhibiting school. Yesterday, the 2011 the Tianjin Binhai Comic Con two-day. Show not only a large number of animation around the booth, the Special Programme for role-playing theme photography the area venues everywhere costume realistic cartoon characters cute Ala, handsome Spider-Man, horror vampire ... venues around parade and on-site parade contest. audience not only the Tianjin preferences in the field, there are many fans in Beijing and Hebei have come up with the camera to a photo with their favorite actor. Have picked up the audience feel the pleasure of an animation production "brush" on the computer monitor. Animation exhibition official said, the International Animation Park SSTEC prior to the show. Through this exhibition, attracting more young people are concerned about the animation industry. Day yesterday alone, there are about more than 5,000 spectators to. Tianjin Comic Con for anime fans in the North own stage show, and a wealth of activities to attract a large number of animation enthusiasts. And set up their own professional awards and forums, to promote the development of animation industry in Tianjin.
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