Wig repair should pay attention to?
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To be patient competence sure to gently, gently comb the wig comb when you want a wig into long paragraphs. Take care of themselves. Unnatural. This is because we are not careful about the structure of the fake hair. Often feel built like pro wig repair level. The wig is from top to bottom, we can simply take a regular factory Kasi wig. Lap lap down "long" repair but also from the bottom up, circle around the repair, the the above wig with clip-up, and then even from the bottom up repair several times after such competence level. Too much time do not fix it. Do not be so anxious.

All combed smooth, and finally the repair of the length of the wig. And then use scissors to repair details, do not ever expect to get away with a pair of scissors. Some fake hair pro all know that at least a half an hour to repair. Tau Road to follow the fake hair to repair, such natural talent. Real number a normal phenomenon, a new wig a little hair or twelve white hair. Manufacturers every day a lot, it is impossible to take care of a MM floating head wig knocked off just fine, アニメコスプレ衣装 would not have been out. wigs are the same, according to their face style trim wig Oh ~ ~ everyone's face and style are not the same, so this time you need to MM they want ways to get a wig and as one, such as a small forehead MM like the knife flat bangs can cut flat bangs trimmed short. etc. .. particularly long hair or hair a lot of MM, may have to practice several times in order to plug the seamless, only perfect Oh. sets of access child, usually after wearing neatly combed back into the wig bag. Flat. But not recommended to always wash the wig can wash. Unless the wife is dirty should come to wash. Wash must pay attention to not rub their hands, gently kneading, it is best to use hair conditioner wash, if you want to rinse with water, the water should be flat on a towel pressed dry, flow must be small. After washing, do not wring. And then hang dried in the shade, remember not to use the hair dryer blowing, the sun can not be placed under the sun. Gently comb. Comb wig comb is best to use a steel comb, ordinary plastic comb, best not to use, be sure not to comb in the end.
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