To How to cosplai charming eyes
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Upper eyelid lightly painted twilight state, make-up brush, eyeliner and eyeliner effect respectively: make-up brush and eyeliner lines in greater detail, the eyeliner. Distinctive. Eyeliner thicker lines, but most people think eyeliner is easier. The some Eyeliner written by specially designed hardness ranging between Pen and Brush total. The doctrine of election. Soothe the skin, eye, eyeliner tip is too hard. To soften the perfect eyeliner tip, it is best placed near the bulb (fire / alcohol lamp / lighter roast into is easily paste the nib will soften after a few seconds after each cut eyeliner, paper-and-pencil head paper towel on the designated number, the towel to wipe the sawdust. would not be too sharp. essentials painted a charming eye shadow powder eye shadow point in the center of the eyelid, coated with a light-colored eye shadow brushes. then imposed in the orbital radial comprehensive smear. the sponge stick dipped in dark eye shadow point on Yanshao, and then slowly アニメコスプレ衣装 touched upon-edge coated inner corner of the eye, the eye and then the sponge stick from the inner corner of the eye touched upon-edge coating back to Yanshao at shadow powder coating to the inner corner of the eye. boundaries of light and dark smudged together the two shades of color. ideal situation is when you open your eyes, the width of the dark eye shadow applied generally to the width of the double-fold as the standard. light and dark eye shadow color halo fusion at each other exposed 23 mm, so the best way is to edge painting difficult to determine the width of the eye shadow applied side coated side opened his eyes to confirm particularly important because of eye shadow color halo narrow side often opened his eyes to confirm the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows, but for single fold and double-fold friends.

Makes the eyes look more beautiful deep. From. Can use that belly gently pat the eye shadow painted finish. Make it more firmly attached. The point is not to make people see clear boundary between the "depth" two-color eye shadow color and complexion fully blend naturally, do not leave that you have mastered the painting eye shadow essentials. The two colors junction traces. If you reach this point. Use mascara to eyelashes look longer, end of eye lash leave a little white place end of eye slightly upward. End of eye painted white. Eyeliner central to draw strong. Lash when the central localized concentration, the use of more and lightly painted twilight state. Two lines are drawn as a double line in black or gray eyebrow pencil touched upon a natural draw two lines, dark eye shadow at the end of eye slightly to the above. Double line. Painted eye shadow, brown eye shadow pen lightly painted hazy state of the upper eyelid.
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