Tips for perfect COS portrait photography in natural light and artificial light
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The top the professional photographers BrettHark and JeffMeyer shared with me some of the basic skills of the Perfect Portrait Photography. Brett using a Canon EOS-1DMarkIII with the Canon EF16-35mmf/2.8LIIUSM Canon EF70-200mmf/2.8LUSM, Canon EF50mmf/1.2LUSM lens. In addition, he is also equipped with shooting portrait. Can fill the entire screen with a golden light, this kit device like Batman's belt as a variety of different sized equipment. The dry Lastolit reflectors two Canon Speedlit, flash and creative tank belt kit.
A balanced complexion natural light is the best choice. More strongly reflective light-colored skin, if the subject is skin lighter in color. Will make you want to do facial details wiped out. In contrast, for darker skin were photographed, the appropriate flash fill light to the sky or window as background backlit shooting conditions, a good choice. In addition. Flash fill light can effectively highlight the facial features of the subject. Fill light reflected by the reflector is also able to achieve interesting effects when shooting darker skin object. While enhancing contrast to a more comprehensive photo tone.
2 large photo run out in a shooting large photo works well. For the subject of many cases, shooting single photo using the flash to make flash photo becomes very flat on the subject. Use the flash アニメコスプレ衣装 reflector fill light may not be able to take care of everyone in the picture. Use the flash directly at the subject they flash you can ensure that everyone is fully illuminated.Like using the flash light use of natural light strong sense of direction, under natural conditions, can find a lot of similar studio. For example, the sun shone through the leaves gaps or penetration in the room, window curtains shone scattered light can leave a long shadow behind the subject. So that it is eye-catching. In this case, however, may need to use the flash fill light, add unusual details such details give me Portrait Photography. Abilities to prevent screen highlights overexposed. Camera automatic exposure system affected by bright backlight, which is most commonly used in the backlight photography skills. Able to ensure that the details of the person's face, while the background from becoming overexposed, loss of detail.4 custody of indoor lighting in the background at the same time to deal with mixed light. A mix of incandescent and natural light illuminate the model of natural light and artificial light wavering? Sometimes mixing the two light give the picture a warm atmosphere. Model standing on the location of the window.
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