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Should be used in a neutral detergent or neutral detergent washing. If I choose to day-to-day laundry use alkaline detergent is easy to damage the hair fibers. Washing water temperature to about 30 ° C is appropriate props 1COSplai wool fabric washing. The water temperature is too high so that the the wool water temperature is too low will reduce the washing effect. Washing, the product again fulling and felting. In addition to standard "Superwash" or "machine washable" flag wool fabric, wool fabric should be very careful with hand-washing, hanged the washboard serious rubbed, otherwise, but can not use the washing machine to wash. Between the scales of wool fibers felting wool fabric will greatly アニメコスプレ衣装 reduced in size. Machine washable and easy to make wool fabric damage and disintegration and failure. Wool fabric before washing, hearts to wash stains more parts to be done on the local careful cleaning, several or make a mark. This will not only achieve the purpose of the clean yet should not damage the wool fabric. Different colors of wool fabric washing, not with bath treatment to prevent contamination between the different colors. Sheep application rinse with water after the completion of the wool washing. Rinse to no sewage and no foam. Rinse wool fabric should be light pressure to the water, and then in a net bag, lifted dripping, until the completion of the dropwise water droplets so far. And drying, knitted wool

Or wear wool fabric sleeves on the bamboo poles dry goods integer flat on the plate. Gently flatten, integer drying. Should be hanged hanger to dry. Drying should generally be in low light or a cool ventilated place to dry thoroughly you can, do not be under the blazing sun, so as not to damage the wool fabric. The wool fabric washing often used dry cleaning method. Steam iron stereotypes, 2COSplai props wool fabric dry to 90 when ironing. Then hang to dry to clothing and storage. Ironing when the pressure is not too large, half mention hot ironing battle of wits, is to make use of the steam dry wool fabric, loop knot tissue typing Pressing. Fixed through effect. If some part of the reduction can be horizontal ironing restore back to the wash size. Before storage ironing again to play an insecticidal effect. Store with a suitcase and a wardrobe essential clean. Placed bits and paper wrap, the set can not be wet. Wool needle, textiles collection to put the camphor fine and mothballs. To prevent direct contact with clothing. Storage wool fabric and chemical fiber fabrics to be separated, and depending on the season and length of storage time, avoid direct contact with clothing. Storage wool fabric and chemical fiber fabrics to be separated, and, depending on the season and length of storage time, timely and clothes drying.
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