Reality clothing aesthetic ideas of what kind of impact?
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Including clothing, hats, sports equipment and other very popular, decorated. Such works derivative product development. This adaptation of the live-action version of the TV series ratings are generally higher than other types. Animation not only loved by children, aesthetic ideas "aesthetic activity has an understanding of the old rich with the animation theme, style and enjoy the animation has become one of the Adult life entertainment animation culture of the with the aesthetic characteristics of the real aesthetic ideas generated animation works especially under the influence of Japanese anime character image, the reality of the impact of the mainstream culture has been gradually emerging. of advocating the animation culture Manmi "aestheticism aesthetic pursuit

Formed a distinct aesthetic ideas in the mainstream society. Of reality gradually evolve into love ¨ aesthetic freedom and individuality. Clothing Manmi accustomed to cover up the service life of heavy cosmetics, wigs and gorgeous animation role tends to be unified, simple is nothing new, can not meet their own respect for individuality, the アニメコスプレ衣装 pursuit of unique value demands exclusion ... reality. Do Lolita dress; female visual kei dress mostly wearing dark tight leather pants, hold. Men more emphasis on facial makeup, wearing a wig, put on a skirt. To go a similar punk or heavy metal route, it is full of British Gas this "gender ambiguity" and "visual-kei dress up" to some extent to meet the expression of personality. And is a symbol of fashion. Similar the anime uniforms and school uniforms in the real life, the campus youth Role clothing used in the campus culture as a theme in the anime. Japanese school uniforms for students is not just a sign of the school. Should reflect lovely, youthful vitality, healthy and happy characteristics of students and campus culture. To highlight the role of animation youthful vigor, valiant. Excellent aesthetic Prince of Tennis "In baseball, the main line of teen romance comic" Bangqiuyinghao "clothing sportswear clothing typical representative of this type of role.
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