Photography skills in cosplai location shooting 10 bogey
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coser such as wearing reflective clothing (such as a white shirt, light-emitting clothing made of nylon) will become the white one or the occurrence of large-hui spot, taking pictures in bright light. Difficult that the clothes texture.
, Avoid sun direct views angry, the bright sunlight to provide good lighting conditions. Color saturation, and provided the conditions for the use of high-speed shutter and aperture. However, the strong sunlight can also cause problems, the most prominent bright light will make the subject character at the same time, open eyes. High angle of direct sunlight will cause dark shadows on the character's face, showing skin wrinkles, damage the image of the beauty of the character. Taking pictures outdoors, you should let the sun is photographed from the front irradiation, to avoid face directly facing the sun, avoid people with colored environment is too close to objects reflective will enhance the bright light irradiation. In this case, the characters should as far as possible away from the vibrant color of the scene (such as a new paint the external walls of the building, large awning, etc.) or the color of those scenes will mapped to cast on the character. Body. Third, avoid the top light figures standing on the concrete floor to take pictures and pale in color, because the concrete surface is relatively flat. Will form a strong reflection) this bottom-up "foot light" is often caused by a terrorist effect, should be avoided. Fourth, avoid stand and take pictures around the アニメコスプレ衣装 stronger the light, light and shadow to complement each other. Deeper shadow. When the figure standing tree and photos, the sun will often leaves projected onto a character who, his face, resulting in a mottled shadow, detract from the beauty of the screen. Do not neglect the filter dark place to bring the blue cover; the the twilight glow shine, outdoor cloudless blue sky. All views are infected with a layer of orange-red. So, if you want to shoot scenery adhere to the original color, you must be in front of the mirror case the choice of pink or amber filter, pre-installed on the filter head. The latter case the choice of light blue filter. Sixth, avoid high-speed on-chip light intensity is high, clear sky sun. If more high-speed on-chip, often forcing the aperture to receive the minimum, or inability to use a slower shutter speed. These cases will be brought to the photography some limitations. VII avoid random complement a strong contrast of light the scene. For the prevention of contrast is too large, bright sunlight. The use of auxiliary light auxiliary lighting is effective, but to grasp the discretion necessary to prevent the auxiliary light is too bright, but also to prevent exposed auxiliary light traces (such as the main light opposite projection) VIII avoid entirely dependent on AE file does not know this kinds of automatic exposure mode can only dispose of some ordinary circumstances, many cosplai Photography enthusiasts taking pictures outdoors, prefer to use automatic exposure file. Experienced by half or the inverse of yin and yang side; light will change "silly" so I have to play it by ear, depending on the circumstances, the appropriate exposure adjustments. Nine, avoid backlit straight into the lens To prevent light straight into the lens, very light shooting backlit photographs. Otherwise, it is prone to the halo phenomenon.
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