On how the animation franchise cosplai perfect effect
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More invention out the powder Lips texture. In addition, let Lips lasting. Concealer applied to the lips, applying lipstick to make more lasting Lips. Or given lip with a special liquid, drawing the lip gloss, dipped in liquid lip lip easy Tuozhuang. To obtain a light-colored foundation puff shot at the cheek, first of all, I want to prepare the foundation of two different shades of color. Then take up a small amount of dark foundation with another puff on local high forehead, bridge of the nose and other facial modified, resulting in shades of color or powder coated very thick, showing a three-dimensional feeling. Advise you cosplay mince used for special effects to a white powder. That will not only hurt the skin, and sometimes even have the opposite effect. Face with a sponge the IRES pat go to. You can completely obscure the swelling of the eye. Powder: cosplai make-up of the upper eyelid Powder. Body temperature to heat the liquid foundation: cosplai makeup first foundation in the palm. Rub evenly with fingertips. In order to improve the softness of the foundation. And then applied to the bottom of the eye. Liquid foundation on the cheeks, painting radial manner. Fingertip powder and then apply to the face center. From the forehead flow under foundation Tuyun to. Use the pulp the residual liquid foundation of the eye and nose on both sides to push even one by one. Bottom cheeks applied to the outside of the face.

Absorb excess liquid foundation and grease to be modified, and finally to the sponge. Gently press the swab. Less prone to uneven tone would not have happened the benefits of using liquid foundation makeup, use oil on paper is not easy to destroy the original foundation to teach for dry skin cosplay may borrow other makeup tools. Concealer eye concealer: usually used directly fingers. This area usually have dark circles. Small acne or spots on the site, can be directly used concealer brush point. Any cosmetics will concealer too thick skin comfort. Will plug the pores, small Peas will be more cover more. Can play blusher blush should be noted that not necessarily are red select a color according to personal make-up of the アニメコスプレ衣装 main colors. Blush cake and powder of similar size, blush: after all foundation. Emergencies can also be used instead of eye shadow powder. The first shot a few of my hand, take up a small amount of color with a blush brush. To shake off the floating color, or the color is too strong, and will destroy the foundation. Even heavy makeup, blush is to layer by layer, slowly playing up to the highest point of the cheek, draw a circle in the middle of the cheek specification double circle. Shaped blush. Make smiling Actions. The upper and lower lips, lip gloss common usage is to be directly applied to the lips. Color will be fixed in the mouth and then use a small brush repair a certain type, very easy remover fast and convenient, people often coated lip gloss before a thin layer of lip balm. Appliances is relatively simple: lip balm (according to your needs) lipstick / lip gloss, a number of small brush (different color lip gloss is best not to use skills with a brush to paper towels lips with your fingers lip color applied to the center of the lips, first . prominent Chun Feng, mouth slightly stained pink painted in the center of the lips lip color with your fingers lightly smudged light to both sides, so that the the lip rich three-dimensional sense. use a lip brush lip gloss applied to the middle of the lips, is the use of color transition and change of light create a sense of three-dimensional natural three-dimensional lip was born of this approach and in front of the face-lift "approach is very similar to my friends for learning colors should be easy to understand the reason to first draw the lip with lip liner, lipstick Heng Yan tips: In order to make the lipstick will not smudged. apply lipstick and to flutter powder gently sip out lipstick, once again on the lipstick, the last eye shadow brush dipped in not only allows Lips and lipstick color similar to blush or eye shadow powder, lasting, but also create a powder texture Lips.
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