Naruto 511: the future battlefield
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Even the pocket and must have the final battle will be far away! The spots began their monthly Eye plans for a new mask and the familiar fan. Return to the seat of your own mind, the small South last paper covered his face. Small South finally drew a line for their own destiny. Ghost shark intelligence surprisingly fast reach, it seems ghost shark shark speed should not exceed 10 lot, but from the intelligence arrived so quickly, rain implicit long way to cloud hidden unnamed island. Naruto and his party the opportunity to show his face, to cease publication next week, Kishimoto big move should be to the final battle.
, The fate of the South Why Kishimoto let Jiraiya and Yahiko three of his so strange decorative longer appear in front of everybody, looking down on intelligence is very strange. Frog suit on behalf of what is the significance? The Yahiko mentioned unsolicited toad fairy, personal understanding. Jiraiya also lead the child of the prophecy of the world, the same clothing as clothing, also seems to herald dream sustenance, that the same person the same Nagato and small South also done such a decision. Contact with Naruto Jiraiya, Naruto. It also illustrates the fact that his Jiraiya own to seek a peaceful dreams アニメコスプレ衣装 pinned on Naruto who had travel. Put their dreams are pinned on the body of the Naruto. Nagato, South. Of him due to a class, in accordance with the story now, Yahiko he really is good to dream and struggle, the reader should have been forgiven had joined hands to kill unsolicited also trying to believe in order to save their country! Death cleared of their former sins. Small character character once again the rich, a memory of the last story. Add the element of love is the story of a small South. Last memories from childhood to growth, through the parting, the battle of life and death. The South and the most gratifying Nagato, Yahiko had a spark of love. The door is knowing smile do not want a lot of people do not want a small Southern dead. From the heart. From small South re-emergence of the moment I said, the character of the small South dispensable too value. Small South Naruto was not able to send out a little from this point on, useful intelligence.

But I think the death of the South is quite regrettable death of the South will always be those who pay the price! Finally, in the sun and rainbow shining small South trio finally find a place to return to! Although there is little but dream has in Naruto, where he continued is not it? Even Jiraiya frog board also represents the back! Able to realize their dreams. Xiao has completed the final mission as a spot pieces! Right to spot new attire has abandoned the original representative Xiao Hongyun costumes, ghost shark and have been at the expense of the small South. Spot clothing seems a bit like their own clothing, and then, If you take really Yu Zhi Bo family flag, as well as the front seems to have a very strange white blocks. That the identity of the spots can be certain this spot, a new beginning, because when all conditions are in place
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