Hambeast and relatively cheap to make costumes for the beautiful ner
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in any way or form, to avoid problems Rei, home Asuka then have problems, incl Dent ... I went through a difficult time Misato and now I'm back on most issues with shades of Asuka Shinji. Eva Mo, Mo Problems.
Anyway, the house long without seeing Tumblr (unless, of course R, follow my other Tumblr I always update often enough) only to bring you to accelerate in Ao t, I had Animethon, Cos & Effect Fan Expo and go. I ended up not Animethon because I wanted to finish my cosplay for C & D, but I br Width and just decided to finish it, if I from Vancouver to be ready in time for Fan Expo made. But when I got home, I was still quite br Le, all my north was Hstube restructured and I missed the guy I stayed with my trip to Victoria / Vancouver like crazy, so I decided Asuka Yamashita put the br use them again for a while, and the time and budget travel to Toronto to Victoria for a week (see here go, I said I was with my problems finished Misato kekekeke) t Oh, and I NERV logo tattooed on my Fu (Have a kind of strange concept, but cool, a T Tattooing At a con) I will be ver sp Ter Public.
Meanwhile OtaFest lite in the second week of November to come so I'm having a buttload time to put together my Skeet K muffler C. Viper done and get my plates. I think running something to the effect of "20 things you can do k can, To make your cosplay better now, without touching a N Sewing machine" (like a version Tinder installed signs of J already have ) and the other posing for photos cosplay / characterization. I have a free week now, so I'm going to paint again. The lineart is super boring, but if you have not noticed, I'm a total masochist. Anyway of
There, I think I'll end up Asuka SakuraCon if I'll end up OtaFest s and blow R. http://www.ichibancosplay.com/ I know not what my n chstes con season is because I still pay off my student loans and save I want to move in Victoria n next year and maybe go back to school can be. I m RIGHTS Really good job with Asuka to do, because I love the design and I come so far with him, w re A shame not to look as close to perfection as m Possible.
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