Holiday Gift Guide 2012 - Shopping for cosplayers
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If you're a cosplayer in your life at home , you do not know enough about the hobby to really. A good gift for the holidays So we decided, with a refined Gift Guide to help you engage all the great ideas!
Firmly First, what kind of cosplay the gift-receiver singer is They prefer to n Hen, paint, make weapons or armor Are they still need to talk about wigs or want to try new materials These are all things that do not work as a gift for all types of cosplayers
Note. I joined many items from, because it was the best way You will find everything, and in my opinion, usually the cheapest. Shop around if you are the type of need, but we are in no way affiliated with Amazon.Blizzcon 2013 announced! Just in case under a rock (or just do not have the internet in those days), live BlizzCon 2013 Dates were announced today! It will be at the Anaheim Convention Center on November 8-9. This year , Mario and I are getting new costumes!
We were unc Hlige transmission of photos on our Facebook page with our progress (if you do not love as the key to the heart tee right of the page), but here are some pictures for the blog.
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