This function Cosplay Lady Two-Face
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Frankly, the suit itself was not so difficult to collect. Total house, I had two or so weeks fixing all the pieces. Most of the time Consumed similar flush cut double-breasted suit on eBay home . The white S Ralph Lauren surprise, and I grabbed for only $ 30. I got the pinstripe black suit for $ 10. I ordered two of the same pair of shoes or two and even corset -. One black and the other white
Donation decision-Lady Two-Face comes from how much I enjoyed wearing my gender folded Princess Persia. Two-Face has always been one of my favorite Batman villains, up there. With Poison Ivy and the Joker W While I most go t Bat Entertainment Dini Batman love: The Animated Series has always been at the top of my list. As such, it seemed a good way to get the style of the comic issue, delighted select tw That. Most realistic interpretation that came with the approval of the movies It was an interesting challenge, try these little glamor while completely grotesque makeup and hair constantly
half past six covered -. Twice as long as I wore the costume of the Convention. Hydred began by painting my heart tee left (face, neck, chest and even) with blue latex. For sensitive areas around the eyes, happy that we used a t tot Ttigten blue eyeshadow. From there, built Hydred mouth with wax, with mastic to me to keep my face. We filed and painted acrylic-N Gel as yellow Z Teeth, use the sorgf validly placed and fixed in the structure of the wax. Then the rubber on and superimposed Z Teeth fixed before they painted in various shades of black, red and blue.
I ordered a professional tailor to fit the costume, knowing that I try to work butcher to rush in the limited time that I had before the SDCC. We have in the jacket to an exaggerated extent Baggy Pants compare.
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