New server harddrive, new categories and 100+ new series'
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Woho, we have a news and announcements forum!

Ok so yesterday you may have noticed the site running a little sluggish. Were were simply transfering the site onto a new, bigger harddrive. The amount of manga we had on the site was growing so quickly I never realised that it had come very close to using 100% of the space on it's harddrives.

As a result of this, I have been busy all night long adding lots more series' to Mangable. I don't know an exact figure, but it was more than 100.

I know i still have tons of features to add to the forums (Private messaging is the biggie), and i'm struggling to find the time at the moment. Of course, making sure the manga is updated is the primary focus.

Anyhow. I have also taken a word of advice from @ChildishDelusion over --- who reccomended we add some new categories to the forums. So thanks for that
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Yay for the new server! lol
Keep up the good work. =D
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