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With its wide array of apparels and accessories for men and women, and with the addition of its new product lines for kids; Cole Haan can be considered as one of the most progressive brands in the fashion industry. Its stores and outlet stores in various locations around the world are chosen by many shoppers because of the wide selection of available products that they can choose from. These add up to the popularity of the brand due to the commendable quality and chic designs of their products that match the demands and needs of modern lifestyle. The company offers items like different types of shoes, men's and women's outwear, handbags, wallets, belts, eyewear, cold weather accessories, briefcases, leather goods, coats, suits, and many more. These items a.Nike Factory Store re manufactured using advance technology to ensure comfort, convenience and performance. They can be bought from Cole Haan stores, specialty stores, department stores, factory outlets or through the company's online shop.Company HistoryTrafton Cole and Eddie Haan established the company in 1928 as a men's footwear brand, before it ventured into offering women's and children's products, as well. The company was sold in 1975 to a group of partners spearheaded by George Denney. They managed the company well and became very successful in making the brand one of the most recognized footwear brands. By 1982, the company launched a retail division composed.Nike Factory Outlet of 42 stores across the globe and gained annual sales of approximately $70 million by 1996. Nike acquired the company in 1988 for $80 million for the sports giant to expand beyond the athletic shoes business.Reasons to Shop at Outlet Stores Many people choose to shop at Cole Haan {Outlet Stores} because of the many advantages that they can get. Shopping at these stores are far better than buying low- class imitations and replicas that just don't level with the quality of authentic items. Here are some of the advantages that shoppers can get in outlet stores:Low PricesPurchasing items from a {factory outlet} will save a shopper more money. This is b. ecause the prices in these stores are generally lower than those in ordinary stores. Shoppers can get 20- 40% savings on authentic products. The price cuts depend on variety of factors.High- Quality ProductsSince all items in a factory outlet are authentic, shoppers can be guaranteed of the quality of these products. Despite the fact that the items in these stores are either old models or slightly defective; their overall performance is not reduced by these conditions.Great Bargains and SalesApart from the already low prices of items in an outlet store, shoppers can get extra savings when they shop during store sales and promos. These bargains are usually held during special occasion, holidays, and store clearances.A Cole Haan Outlet is usually found in outlet malls and centers, but there are also independent- standing ones in selected areas. If you live far from any of these outlet stores, you can still avail of these deals through the Cole Haan {Outlet Online}..
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