Vans Shoes UK over the years
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If you are someone who has always sneakers, Vans Shoes UK , and the popular brand are nothing new for you. Thank you to his first store Opens 16th M March 1966 in Anaheim, California, brothers Paul and Mark James Van Doren and three partners started. Officially known as the Van Doren Rubber Company, they were unique in that they are produced and sold to the shoes Public vans. Race on the date of his first ge Open, there were 12 customers buy shoes bridge (now known to be authentic). The first diffusion Vans
But made himself a name as a brand of choice for skateboarders Open indoor skate park in California in 1998, the installation of 46,000 square meters has planned an excellent investment for the brand and skateboard parks, called more into his life. When 2001 ended, there were four skateboard parks under the name California, with others, including Colorado, Texas, Virginia and New Jersey. Vans Medium
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A shoe are closely associated with the sport of skateboarding shoes Vans How soon as the name suggests imagine Vans second May contain this number does not work, because as soon as you see this, call that you know the look. Vans began extreme sports boom, way back in 1966, when Paul and James Van Doren made shoes for skaters. Vans Shoes Sale Dovetail well with the brand conquering the world with a new kind of sport and vans now sponsors many young athletes in the world of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. Vans have been made to roll "on the wall as the slogan says, but they are far from being out of the ordinary now. Whether you were or skateboard or other can never be cool to classic Vans your feet e ' s Vans have around the world for a reason, they are t improve Lebensqualit, that most young dtischen first service.
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