What Happened To Vans Shoes AOS
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Announced that Vans is pleased to announce that they have created the first pair of slipons world. They sports shoes is booming again. Moreover, Vans Shoes UK they are easily accessible from a "mom and pop"-L Ft to move into a giant in the market for shoes skaters and surfers. Wei t you know what happened Vans since birth So let AOS read some interesting facts about them. Vans and SkateboardingIt
was 16 M rz 1966, ften ftspartnern Vans Van Doren and shops, founder Serge D'Elia and Gordy Lee. at the time, it was just a case of 400 square feet and shoes are right on the sold public. AOS interesting by the day of its opening it. Doren in a word, it was the participants in the story. This is called, AOS, they only sold 12 pairs of shoes to date. Moreover, the early co Vans is $ 2.49 to $ 4.99 taient, and not all the shoes the name of the AOT, but a number. The most popular way is that He ffnungstag No. 44, which today is known authentic shoe. Time flies
Early 1970th These are the new Ra Vans shoes for skateboarding. At this time, all different colors and patterns driver wanted on the shoes, hand-painted Vans Shoes sneakers now. To win these customers, and soon met dd Van Doren offered a red shoe and blue con U was a professional skateboarder. Because of the desire welcomed Te new Van Doren S customers made their fashion shoes and have since been the most popular shoe for skateboarding. After snowboarders K Vans Shoes k Can help to keep the balance.
Then, in the 1980s because of a movie called Fast Times at Ridgemont High far people worldwide. Advertisement for the new style vans, AOS on shoes However, in 1986, the company emerged from bankruptcy. Van Doren sold the company in 1988 to McCown De Leeuw & Co. in San Francisco before Hrdet solid bank. The company has since been sold and is now headed by VF Corporation, a manufacturer of jeans, underwear Cal cal, labor and daily jerk Cke possession. Anyway
, sponsored in recent years by Vans Footwear Skatepark, Vans Warped Tour - a festival of music and sports - competition skate and street art. Vans are always at the heart of these events. In addition, the designer-con U Vans styles with their own company as well as the color of my shoes studio. Do not miss our latest hand-painted Vans sneakers.
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