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coach outlet may have pioneered the idea, but now handbags designers collaborating with high-profile artists is all the rage. Everyone from Dior to Coach has given it a shot, and in the case of Coach, it seems as though the company has judged such collaborations to be a roaring success. Fresh off of a much-loved menswear teamup with Hugo Guinness, the American handbag company has tapped New York artist James Nares to lend his prints to a collection of totes that will debut a week from today.

No, you haven’t traveled in some kind of time warp back to Monday. (How cruel would that be?) Yes, {shiuYuanDA#$07sdf11dfey} these are coach outlet. Just like men’s oversized watches, oxfords and loafers have become a trendy (not to mention totally chic) option for women in recent years, a men’s bag can also add a fresh, slightly unexpected element to an ensemble. Plus, men’s bags tend to be more neutral and less expensive than similar designs for women, so they’re an amazing option for everyday schlepping.

Coach x James Nares will feature the artist’s signature waves, which he paints on huge canvasses while hanging from a harness above them. Coach has translated those pieces into a set of six tote coach handbags, each of which will be made in limited editions of 175. The leather-trimmed canvas totes will retail for when they hit Coach stores and on April 20. Check with your local store to see if they’ll be receiving pieces from the collection, or better yet, sign up for notification of the bags’ arrival at More images of the collection after the jump.

When you add that savings onto Coach‘s already-reasonable price points, there are a whole slew of deals to be had. coach outlet stores has been really upping its game in the menswear department since 2010, and the culmination of all that hard work is a line of bags that are subtle, functional and just preppy enough to look brilliant during the bright, warm days of spring and summer. Check out our picks for the ones you (Yes, you. Forget your man. He can get his own bags.) should be stocking up on, after the jump. Also, just a tip – all of these options come in multiple colors.
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