"Kimi no Iru Machi" & "Fairy Tail" & "Aki-Sora" missing chapters, errors page placement
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Originally posted by mangalov3r
haha no worries, your always welcome to ask or wonder if your own request is being answered.
I've sent him a message he should get back to me in a day or two so I'll tell ya what he says when he responds.
The thing is before a few weeks ago he would of responded to your request within the day you made the thread or as soon as he finished with the other stuff he had to do, that at the latest be about 3 days. So it makes me wonder what he's been up to these few weeks. (He's probably busy with his other sites he owns, he's got a few)

I see glad to know that I'm free to pm him. And wow it is so impressive that he manages not just one site but quite a few. He is good man. And if he is busy with works then it cant be helped. Hope everything is alright for him.

Also I would like to report the manga series :To-Love-Ru. This manga is awesome but there is a major problem with what we have on mangable.com. MOST of the chapters have images which are very blurry and impossible to read. For example: Chapter 20, page 3. It is just an example and there are many chapters that have the same problem. I really do hope that we can somehow get the whole manga fixed. The thing is that I have Manga Rock (an apps that let you download and read manga on iPhone from mangable.com). And I would like to keep manga that I have downloaded so I can read them again in the future so I will be reporting errors found and hopefully they can be fixed. And "To-Love-Ru" is the one manga that I really want to keep. So if Andy can fix it I would really appreciate it.

And thank a lot mangalov3r. You have been very kind and friendly. Glad to know you. Thanks again
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Your welcome and cheers for pointing out the problems it makes it easier for everyone. And yea Andy's a really great guy, hope you can talk to him sometime. Also glad talking to you too Bopeepbopeepbo, you are a very nice and friendly person too Hope to talk to you in the forums sometime about other stuff as well
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