Helooo >:))
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Can you suggest some new anime or manga to read? but i like something complete though. hope you can give me something good to read. >:))
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welcome Ninjitsu

you can try eyeshield 21
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HI and welcome to the forums Ninjitsu

I suggest you try the manga recommender
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Hey whats up i hope to see u in the forums actively.

Also try the Manga Reccomender (It has a list of 60 mangas with plot summary). One you may like is Flame of Recca, it deals with ninjutsu. Also, try RAVE its the best manga eveeeeeeeerrrr!!!
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Welcome ;) I think for me recommend books you gave to tell me wat you enjoy reading the most(manga-wise) it all depends on your interests :D
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welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here Ninjitsu
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