*smiles and nods*
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emh so its a spell to let people talk to you?
do you really need a spell for that, lol
my name is Jens by the way , but don't abuse it because I have that name copyrighted
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I dont know maybe its for shy people
Die Teen Drama Die!!! *stabs Teen Drama*
Teen Drama: never mwahahahah!!! Agh noooooo *falls into epic whirlpool of evil in whih it came from*
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hia!(just droped to say hi, hehe)

@ death: wow, we kinda have similar personalities out there...
hehe i have my evil side too! (sorry but this is my nice side - not so sure where i left my evil side thought )
you can always call me manga, mangaLuVeR or if u want jumanah!
(dosnt matter as long as i know ur talking to me) oh and welcom to mangable!
- i know abit late for that, but oh well...
never judge a book by it's cover!' - never get bored of this quote!
u can call me Mana!

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