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hey there. nice to meet yooh guys. im cuky. or stary. either one works. um. not realii much i can say. xcept im an otaku jux strted being one this year. but so far i hav read over a hundred series since i read 24/7. wanna kno more.well, yooh kno where to find me..
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Ok let me be the first to say welcome to mangable
oh and try not to use txt language for many people here english isn't there first language you know
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I'd have to back up Uni on that statement, the first thing that came to mind when reading your post was just that.

Otherwise, welcome to this marvelous site.

I hope we haven't scared you off already.

See you around.

Lambo, OUT~!
It's the Lambizzle, yo.

Moo ^.^
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yeah i dont really have something else to say
my name is Jens by the way , but don't abuse it because I have that name copyrighted
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lol MrAcid
and yeah hey and welocome to the sites forums, come talks us in the forum topics i think you'll enjoy it

@lambo, wat speakin in txt talk, never! u kno i never do that! atm i might be thou
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