hey what up...
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okay so i like to read mangas but but appart from the one that are really popular here and by that i mean have been cartoons in the us lol. i started reading tenjho tenge and was never able to finsh it... what happened i cant find any sites with more chapters... if anyone can enlighten me on why i cant find any and if the series is complete please let me know wher i can go to read the rest. Im also reading the worlds strongets deciple kenich and aiki as you can tell i like martial arts mangas... are those two series also done or not? idk im not as knowledge able as most off you may be so please let me know if either of the threee r complete and where i can find newer chapters than this wonderfull website can.... thanks
oh and one last thing if you know of any other really good martial atrs manga please feel more than free to let me know.
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Hi devilblackout welcome to mangable
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Is my wish.
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Welcome to the site =]

keinichi is not done you can find it here:

Aiki is not done either and here it is:

Tenjo tenge is not done according to AnimeA and here it is:

As for recommendations here are some:
1. Veritas
2. The breaker
3. HolyLand

Those three are really good. Veritas and the breaker are a little similiar especially at the beginning and holyland is about a boy who gets bullied at school and then decides to become strong mostly by reading and practicing on his own, he then finds his "Holyland" which is basically the streets at night and gets known as "The Thug Hunter".

Edit: And lol, your name reminds me of my MS Guild BlackOut hehe.
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welcome to mangable devilblackout!
hope ya like it here
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Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and welcome

You can check if a series is finished or not by looking it up here on mangable!

and welcome again
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Welcome to Mangable.com, my friend!

I hope to see you around these forums!

(Sorry, I've been unable to get onto my account for a few days, so Im a but hyped up)



It's the Lambizzle, yo.

Moo ^.^
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hai hai ~

welcome to mangable
meow :3
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Hello! Welcome to Mangable! :D
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