ahm hello everyone..
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wazzup wazzup people of mangable..

djmix here ready to rock your world.!

kinda new here so me likey to make y'all feel my awesome presence..


have a nice day pepz..
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Very powerful introduction you have there Djmix..

Glad you have such a high energy..

Welcome to mangable..

I hope I'll see more of ya, ya hear.?

meow :3
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welcome djmix, i like your intro
i'll catch ya round the forums sometime ay
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Woah, your intro sounded a bit familiar...

Perhaps cause it was very similar to mine about a year back so..

Anyway, welcome to Mangable!

Have fun!

I see you've already discover'd the forums, so please stick around


Lambo, OUT!!
It's the Lambizzle, yo.

Moo ^.^
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