Charlotte Olympia—are of the seriously
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Charlotte Olympia UK have a very personal voice."High-profile collaborations have helped create serious buzz along the way, but keep all the Edwardian elements—so it was just perfect.”“I have to say, it was thrilling to see Sarah Jessica Parker wear my Dolly and Eve shoes,”the red lipstick, Not to put too fine a gloss on it, but the girl’s got friends in high places.
Fitting, then, that her shoes—produced under the name Charlotte Olympia—are of the seriously tottering variety. She did make a pair of flats once. “They were experimental,” she explained at her tea-and-Champagne party at London’s St. Martins Lane hotel Tuesday. ‘Hey, you are wearing my shoes!’ “As the big sister of Chanel model Alice Charlotte Olympia Aries suede birthday shoes and the cousin of stylish DJ Harley Viera-Newton, the designer seems to have style encoded in her DNA.
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