Hello! Wanna learn about me!?
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so hey! I'm Victoria but you can call me tori! <3 I'm just a average thirteen year old girl in 8th grade :) I love wolves and the color bright green. I live in the US but want to move to England one day! (British Accents!!!! <3) I'm 5'5" with golden brown hair :) I <3 one direction!!! Mostly Louis Tomlinson though! <3 well I like romance/comedy mangas or like a bad girl any 16+ manga I personally think are the best! :) well I'm new to this place but say hello sometime! ill try to put a profile picture soon! :)
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hmmm welcome to mangable Tori-san.

Here is some manga that might suit your taste
Kamisama Kiss/Kamisama Hajimemashita
Akatsuki no yona
Akagami no shirayukihime
Alice 19th
Alice Kara mahou
any series from CLAMP
Dear school gang leader
full house kiss
Hakushaku to yousei
Heart no Kuni no Alice
any series from Tanemura Arina

or try looking at my dashboard for ideas
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Nice to meet you Tori! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
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Hi, nice to meet you. I'll be looking forward to see you here in the forum and havve fun like we always do
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hey Victoria
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