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Name's Zach, lol. Nice to meet you guys. I came to read manga, sooooo... any good ones you guys have read? ^.^
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Welcome Zach to mangble

the series I recommend reading is
07 Ghost
A thousand years nintails
the bloody monday series
Deadman Wonderland
One piece
Natsume Yuujinchou
and Mirai Nikki

if they dont suit your taste try manga reccomender
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Hi Zach and welcome too mangable, I hope I'll see you here in the forum in the future.

The Mangas I recommend exept des uni recommended is...
Angel Beats (espacially if you seen the anime and loved key)
Dark Air
ef A Fairy Tale Of The Two
Death Note
Haytate the combat butler
Historys Strongest Disciple Keniichi
Rosario+Vampire (1 and 2)
Sword Art Online
World Embryo
The Breaker
The Breaker New Waves

There are many more good mangas but best too recommend a few of the best one first
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I'm a Zach too! Nice to meet you!

Do you have an inkling of the type of manga you're looking for? Check out the manga reccomender thread for some awesome suggestions.
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