Syria, the entire territory of Internet communication interruption
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Can see a graph of network traffic monitoring Syria,north face coats from about 4:00 local time on the 29th, the network traffic was the curve upward trend in 10:30, the curve suddenly becomes a vertical dropstraight line,North Face Coupons Syria, the entire territory of network traffic is 0.

A monitoring Internet communications companies in the global routing table, and Syria all 84 IP address block can not be accessed, in fact, this country has been removed from the Internet. Although the Syrian part of the area of the Internet in the past have repeatedly blocked, but all the national network was closed the first time.Syrian Information Minister subsequently confirmed interrupt Internet communications, and identify the "terrorists" behind, North Face Down Parka but analysts believe that, cut off the network for the government forces, the aim is to obstruct the opposition armed attack by destroying communication facilities.

So far, the Syrian network did not resume,
North Face Outlet Locations part of the mobile phone network in the territory of Syria have been closed, fixed telephone communication is also intermittent.northface coats Sources said, with the intensification of conflict in Syria, in addition to off network, all communication is cut off will be more likely to
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