Cosplay Creator Dan Lewis decides on Mass Effect Costumes
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How did you start costumes What sparked your interest
<br />I go to anime / comic conventions for many years and always loved the costumes Cosplay Costumes . I tried a couple of hen costumes, especially but I told them that I did not know how to n. I could form, however, and sculpture skills with my boyfriend Order to make parts for a costume seemed doable for me. After completing Mass Effect 2 and find costumes for the little series I've decided to try it myself.
<br />If you attended the recent PAX East convention in Boston - or if you have been watching the activity on the network - you've seen the incredible work cosplay Dan Lewis. And if you have not seen it, prepare to be impressed. Dan is the Sch Second pfer the incredibly detailed three costumes of the video game Mass Effect We brought him to ask him. Few questions about his work
<br />Stars: you have created three outfits Mass Effect 2 - Shepard (N7 armor) and Tali'Zorah Mordin Solus. How did you build these costumes Dan When I started building the costumes, Cosplay Costume there was a distinct lack of Mass Effect costumes au ergew hnlichen there I found these samples (1 2 3), and when I s a source of inspiration r I better make k Nnte. or at least as good. I was halfway costume with Tali when I found photos of Holly Conrad troops Mass Effect Cosplay at Comic-Con. This raises the bar, so I had to make a respectable suit against her. Shortly after, Evil FX Mass Effect suit showed with many new construction techniques, I was not aware. I have used most of their techniques into my costumes.
<br />I began my first two Mass Effect costumes at PAX Prime 2010 with very positive feedback. W During this conference I met a costume designer, a very impressive costumes mass effect one character I never thought that w Re m Have made possible.
<br />Most difficult characters Mass Effect costumes were created at this time, he au Mordin - ZUF llig of one of my favorite characters Mordin is very difficult to create an accurate base suit. cosplay wig their Shuizhengguanli proportions, I, when I have a mask that is worn k decided Nnte and saw anst constantly, I'd get on with the rest of the costume. The mask was very good, so I found a volunteer to wear a suit and continued construction.
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ZUF llig of one of my favorite characters Mordin is very difficult to create an accurate base suit....

love me little,love me long!!
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