Cosplayer Interview with Stephanie Gutowski
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I jumped in Cosplay Costume , in 2000, I had a dream, Sailor Jupiter. Shortly after Halloween, I was on other things and cosplay again until 2007 when I met my friend Sean distracted. He w Selected ore he dressed like a Stormtrooper. I would Twi'lek counterpart, although s R. After several months of trial and error, I put my first costume attached. It was a mess, and I promised to do better. So I started my slow painful journey cosplay.I ends now that the finished product in my H happy with him, and know that I did it. This is fabric scraps and glue and thread are all met and formed a well-known world of the fans all ages.I an outfit I patch under wraps until the taken because it lockable End. I believe, however, possesses a long dream costumes. One day I will Commander Shepard Hawke, Sailor Pluto, and Rogue. One day!
<br />Stephanie Gutowski is an M Girl to ergew Beauty Sch geek, made its way into the convention circuit dressed characters from Star Wars, Resident Evil, cosplay and more. She was nice enough to her sewing machine N Leave for some N and answer some questions.I absolutely hate stuck and feel like on a wall gesto S. When I began working with spandex, is pink I have many topics, was N h After all, Sun rgert worm, I lie. But I'll TT or ter sp. I do not like when I ensperren way to get me to stop, I began to meet.
<br />Twi'lek always a feast for the eyes of the Star Wars universe. Well, at least until BioWare came and turned them into badasses. Well ... yes, there were other Twi'leks EU that started the ass, so I guess this is their versatility and abuse of the rainbow, which drew my attention. on K heads of snakes. Body paint latex prosthetic and K k Nnte What more fun that I knew that if I wanted to paint a custom Twi'lek, I have a lot of fun was with him. Everything from clothes, people Nlichkeit, skin color ... I could go into town. I was also very purple at the time and it was a good excuse for me to really embrace. They are one of the most popular types, and they have tons of fans. The M possibilities Seem endless M.
<br />Spanning the last question, how do you decide what you want and how you want to cosplay What factors in this decision that I am going. Only characters cosplay wig games and movies that I love and I w W You choose characters that I identify with. For example, I'm kind of error. Verk Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII Rpert reckless, but surprisingly Chtiges m essence, I always thought. Although I do not think I ever really made of idiots.
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