Cosplay Contest Winner!
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I am pleased that Morgend dusk Mostow as the winner of our competition cosplay took place the target on the first Saturday, 5 Proclaim April. The theme of the evening was "Japanimated art and culture of Japan, which include our two exhibitions of Japanese art and MURAKMI Utagawa:. Tres The Ma Japanese woodcuts (1770-1900 Cosplay comes from the words" costume "and" play ") is very popular among fans of anime and manga in Japan and the United States. We decided to have a cosplay competition, Cosplay Costumes as in the programming we were for an activity t, the visitors would participate and encourage them in the celebration of the unique cultures, looking for creative participation from Japan. For this contest, we get dressed up G ste invited to take as their favorite anime or manga pictures by photographers from our volunteers Priscilla Vazquez and Leah Golubchick. lot of people dressed up and k can their fabulous costumes on our Flickr stream to see. was difficult for our judges to pick a winner among the many beautiful NEN costumes but all Morgenr te w Selected as one of their favorites. Morgenr te
<br />As Rei Ayanami, dressed as a character from the Evangelion anime series. Morgenr te W Selected Rei Ayanami, "because I wanted a popul Ren character that is easily recognizable fans of anime, but h Lt also visual interest for people not familiar with Japanese animation, whereby an interest in the genre ". Dawn has been involved in Cosplay Costume ten years and made his toilet himself. She has a background in costume design, and is currently studying a ma Trise at Pratt Institute. She pointed out that the fact of the costume was difficult because it display the , working around a two-dimensional character Lebensqualit t. Thanks to Dawn and Ash N! To all those who participated in the contest and memorable first Saturday in April Target I hope you k Can all with us again in May.e ends there could easily find M Girl cosplay more verb That red, sexy cosplay in verious actvities, yes, cosplay Yuzuriha Inori Guilty Crown is a Japanese anime series New in 2011 and focuses on the story happens in the 2039th
<br />Course, Guilty Crown on something fantastic and supernatural, is that people have a supernatural power. Therefore, the fashionable clothing and funny characters in the story. And as r Principal, has Inori s R striking costumes and outstanding.
<br />Costume, right From my perspective, I like the design of this dress It's because Ranmao M M is a Chinese girl Girl in the Kuroshitsuji anime, and this is the classic dress tr They gt in history n_n Sun shortened this dress rpert the traditional style of dress, cheongsam, and the beautiful furnishings NEN butterflies on it, cosplay the whole dress could not help us to form a picture of the K rpers show, but also can help to show what is more elegant It's not that complicated dress, simple but special! Love it ~
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