How 2 Guild Wars Gold Farming Battles How
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GW2 Gold will be built around the gold and precious stones And karma. Other pers Personal of the W Walls in the game k K can be purchased with gold by regular Owned gambling won. Karma can be won back in the game and used k To acquire special bonuses, can not, if the karma be replaced k. Gems Are exclusively Lich Lich used for micro-transactions.
Guild Wars, you will not have to pay a subscription fee to play Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet. Instead, you buy the game and play for free. ArenaNet has been agreed with regard to income replacement is a microtransaction system, said something rt workshop chairman Mike O'Brien.
We believe that players should be able to cash in the west The objects, to provide opportunities to spend a visual distinction between spending and provide more M Express-M, O'Brien said. "You should be able to spend money on account services and convenience products to save time. But it never is in order for players to buy a game and not have to enjoy what they are, without the addition of K Ufen paid USEFUL K, and it was not for players who spend the money is OK to have an unfair advantage for the players to pass the time. "economic
Act against rising gold farming services for Enseiter, ArenaNet players in gold and precious stones will allow mpfen k. This means that if you have real money, Guild Wars 2 gold precious stones used To buy by k, you can kill gems Other players sell for gold in. Alternatively, if you do not want to spend real money, k you k able to have enough gold to buy bricks from other players in exchange Guild Wars 2 news
O'Brien Explained rt, from the perspective of a player [real money transactions] All companies have bad motives, the more they earn from the sale of gold, more advertising messages in the game, the animation of botnets agricultural accounts and gold hack , gold looting. Conversely, in our system, the players all have good reasons. If a player buys gold from another player, he won the gold medal he wants, the player gets the sale of gemstones to use micro-transactions use K, and produces a range of business ArenaNet, the sale of precious stones that we use to also to continue to support themselves and update, the game, everybody wins. " Since gemstones
For buy GW2 gold and vice versa, can be exchanged k k, We do not need two different trading systems, one for gold and other precious stones For. buy guild wars 2 gold, w W During the trading post set on gold, but also from R to gems can Sell Just wants someone W OBJECTS Walls of gold, precious stones converting gold. "Expect more updates ArenaNet
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