The Return of AllenWalker
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Hey, whats up managablers? Long time no see. I told you guys I would be making appearances on this forum sporadically throughout the year....and I have after 4 months. I see many of you are still using the recommenders and I think thats awesome. I also see that the spammers dont quit. Could you guys please ask Andy to do so? I sent him messages about them last year, but he hasnt removed their posts yet. I just think it would be really helpful for the users of the recommender by making it easier to navigate the pages of the Anime Recommender.

On another note, how's everyone been doing? I've been doing great I am at the top of my class and will be applying to college next year. I've also been trying to read a lil bit more mangas and watch some more anime to add to the threads. I've still been reading Fairy Tail, Naruto, Bleach, Beelzebub and Silver Spoon every week, but it was nice to read a new manga like Onani Master Kurosawa. Seriously, try it.

Also, I see that there are some new faces on the forums. Its good to knwo that there are some people still keeping it alive.

Anyways, thank you for continuing to use the recommenders. I'm glad to see that they are serving their purpose. Have a nice day. Bye!
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Welcome back Allen long time no see.

A lot has happen since you have been gone. The spam bots problem kinda die down now every now and then one pops up. There is a new chatgroup for mangable, and last week people couldnt log in using their facebook accounts now thats sorted almost everyone is happy. There is still a small problem with people getting redirected to a weird website.....

anyway its nice to have you back
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Hello Allen, nice to meet you! ^-^ I'm Zach.

It's nice to hear that you're doing well, congrats on being the top of your class! You'll be accepted to collage for sure! What are you planning on going for?

Also, the recommender's are great! Thanks a ton.

Uni's summed up everything that's been going on recently (there's a link to the chat site in my signature if you feel like stopping by), but I may shoot Andy a message about the spammers as well.

See you 'round!
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Nice to meet you...yeah...not much to say now Lol

/) ._. /)
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Stay alert, I might have to stab u

btw ot serious just in case lol
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