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22nd March 2012 03:51 #1
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Hello. I've actually been on here for about 4 years as a member, but this is my first post. I'm now a senior in high school, and I hope to continue my time on this site in the future. THANKS ;)
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22nd March 2012 22:31 #2
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You took your sweet time to pop up in the forums

I guess you're my sempai???
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Welcome! :D
14th April 2012 01:30 #4
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Dear me, you and I are in the same boat! xD I posted my intro yesterday but I've been here for...two years?
.-. I guess that means you're my sempai too, though. Welcome...sorta. ^^
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welcome to the forums

I hope you enjoy it
my name is Jens by the way , but don't abuse it because I have that name copyrighted
15th May 2012 14:58 #6
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Better late than ever
16th May 2012 02:08 #7
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I've noticed in all your posts...the 'n' letter is usually missing o:
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