Hello good people of the peaceful earth
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Hi Earthizens(well im one too but i consider myself different). Anyways im a huge manga fan and my favourite is naruto. I hope you guys will find me interesting. Cya around the corner
Naruto Rocks but so does soccer

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Welcome to mangable Badguy. Well I'm not a earthling but I am a reaper lol

Feel free to ask me anything. I'm always around (somewhere)
Warning: I might fall asleep on the spot.
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Hello i am a panda.

I enjoy eating bamboo and lazing around. Have fun browsing the forums sir.
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hey look gaiz, i can triforce

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Hello Death here! Enjoy it here at the forums
Die Teen Drama Die!!! *stabs Teen Drama*
Teen Drama: never mwahahahah!!! Agh noooooo *falls into epic whirlpool of evil in whih it came from*
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