hi folks a new stranger in town from the caribbean
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hi hi to all who read this page.
u may not be disapointed because im gonna tell a tale of none disapointmentness-ish

me be a manga reader i love the thrill, the action, the love, the naugthyness just like the oeh's and the ah'sss
sometimes the awwsss

but never the less im always on the prowl for manga tips and recommendations to read them. but it has to be the one that makes my egde of my seat suffer and break so i can get a new one.

i have manga rock on my ipad soo i always got my mangas with me

pleased to meet u yall and start recommending me mangas to make my chair suffferrrr

ps: male 22 caribbean

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Welcome to the forums.

The name's Death oops wrong forums lol. *runs from the real Death*
Its been a while since someone new posted here.

Enjoy your stay, post lots and read lots.
Warning: I might fall asleep on the spot.
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Death here!! Welcome to the Mangable Forums!! Stay and chat with us every once in a while... We get bored ;) anywho have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Die Teen Drama Die!!! *stabs Teen Drama*
Teen Drama: never mwahahahah!!! Agh noooooo *falls into epic whirlpool of evil in whih it came from*
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