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Howdy, all you manga lovers and I mean that in the nice way. I got introduced into manga by a buddy of mine and the first manga I got was Deeper Samurai Kyo and that was 10 years ago and I have never stopped been a manga head. At the current moment I have to say one of my best ongoing manga's has to be Bleach.

So I hope that we can all be friends and yo! Does anyone have Iris Zero
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Welcome to the mangable forums hope you love it here
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heyy yo. im alfred but you can call me whatever you like.

Don't hate me


hey look gaiz, i can triforce

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hello giggles
i hope you like it here.

I have never heard of it, sorry
my name is Jens by the way , but don't abuse it because I have that name copyrighted
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Welcome to the forums
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