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Nice. That must have been one do-do of a sucker punch.
By the way, I have lots of homework because I came down with the flu or something, so I'm not going to be on for a while. I'm sure at least SOMEONE noticed I dropped off the face of the earth for a while. And it'll be a long while more unless I have a good reason to come back.
Ew, nastiness. Virtual quarantine, anyone?
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Lol did you have a nice nap?
Die Teen Drama Die!!! *stabs Teen Drama*
Teen Drama: never mwahahahah!!! Agh noooooo *falls into epic whirlpool of evil in whih it came from*
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@rika: oh thats a bummer
well i noticed that there was less activity

well i hope you get better soon and good luck with homework
my name is Jens by the way , but don't abuse it because I have that name copyrighted
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welcome to mangable MANGAKA!
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