Best Manga And Why?
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My favorite shoujo manga (of ALL time) is most definitely Beast Master. It's so sweet and innocent...Leo is adorable, and Yuiko is hilarious. XD It's short, but it tells a wonderful little love story.

Akumetsu would be my favorite seinen manga. I read the whole series in the space of two days. That was fun. ^_^ The MC (or MC's) is awesome (he's practically a villain himself!), and the plot was actually pretty unpredictable. There are a few "didn't see that coming!" moments, and it's hilarious. The situations that the MC gets himself into are ridiculous. XD

Then there's RuroKen (Rurouni Kenshin). The plot is incredible, the charries are oh-so-lovable, and Kenshin himself will forever be a hero to me. <3 The villains are awesome, too. *nodnod* This manga has really good character development, and a very engaging plotline.

D.Gray-man is amazing, as well. There is so. Much. Love. for D.Gray-man. Especially for the villains. Oh sakes...the villains..._^_ <3

Psyren. Yes, Psyren. It's a very action-oriented series, and I usually don't care much for those, but I kept reading with this one. I'm even buying the books as they come out! And since I'm darn near broke most of the time, that should tell you something about how much I love this one. <3 I could fangirl all day about Ageha...<3

Anywho, I'm gonna stop myself now, while I still can. But there are sooooo many more....:P
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